Healing with Energy

Medical Qigong


Air or breath - the vital energy that is found in everything around us


The chinese word that refers to the skill of working with or cultivating

So Qigong can be seen as the skill of energy cultivation and working with this life energy.


How does it work?

Passed down generations in secrecy amongst monks and teachers, the exact origins are estimated as old as 5000-7000 years.

It is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine, much like acupuncture or herbal medicine. It utilises postures, exercises, breathing techniques and meditations to treat underlying causes of illness and disease.

The mind and body are not separate, and the mind can move Qi through the body. This promotes good health as Qi travels through the body's meridians.

Blockages or stagnation can cause a problem with Qi flow and result in disease or other conditions. Allowing free Qi flow heals and strengthens the body and can help reduce pain, improve the immune system, reduce stress and improve overall well being.

Prescribed exercises consist of movements, postures, visualizations and positive affirmations.

Medical Qigong is being used as an excellent complement to western medicine to create a holistic approach to treatment.

Qigong attempts to deal with the root cause of the disease and not just the symptoms.



"Nataśa's treatment changed my outlook on life and all it's creatures. It showed me how important focus is,positive focus. By focusing you start to align yourself with who you really are and that is realizing the Godness and goodness in everyone. Nataśa touches everyone who is fortunate to go for treatment. Go for a treatment and experience how it feels to get a positive download." - DvdL

My dog, Peri and I experienced a long distance energy session with Natasa. IT was soooooo relaxing... I sat with Peri at my side, she relaxed and went into a light sleep. I simply focused on being present and holding the space for whatever she needed. During the half hour we sat together, I experienced Peri having some muscle twitches that I perceived as releases as she relaxed even more. Peri has a dermoid cyst in the ventricles beneath her brain which affects her balance. I feel this and subsequent sessions help give her a very good quality of life. The relaxation was good for both of us. S.S.